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NDS XTV to be first cable DVR service in India

Hathway, the leading cable service provider has selected NDS XTV for providing DVR services to Indian cable users. This technology would be implemented for the first time in India through Hathway.

In a combined effort with NDS, Hathway plans to deliver high quality and On-Demand and unprecedented control to users over what they plan to watch.

The NDS system will allow users to pause, record and rewind their channels using the DVR capabilities of the system. It would also allow subscribers to maintain a digital playlist via NDS's Electronic Program Guide. The infrastructure in the making would be of high digital quality and Hathway is planning to be the top brand in digital TV a few years from now.

Mr K Jayaraman, MD & CEO, says Hathway has been hinting towards a high-profile merger for a long time, and this is something which complements that. The company would utilize a complete fiber optic backbone and latest technology with NDS systems to deliver a pleasurable and never before experience to Indian customers.

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